About us

We are Angus Son Mayol, a working livestock ranch and farm initiative founded in 2008. Our project aims at producing first-class fresh beef to customers on Mallorca. Our small farm is situated in Establiments surrounded by plenty of nature where we can raise our renowned Aberdeen Angus cattle.

We at Son Mayol are dedicated to sustainable methods of raising livestock. It was for this reason that we have also kept our 150 hectares of pastures free of harmful chemicals.

100% natural livestock ranching

Son Mayol cattle

Currently, Angus Son Mayol has 220 head of Aberdeen Angus cattle. The first Angus cattle arrived to Mallorca in 2008. They rapidly adapted to the Mediterranean climate and the conditions at the Son Mayol ranch without undue stress.


Pastured cattle

We believe that the animals' well-being is paramount. Our cattle are free to roam the 150-hectacre pasture and enjoy the biodiversity of the prevailing vegetation there.



We do not apply chemical products such as fungicides or fertilizers to our pastures. Our cattle are fed a diet that includes a mixture of locally produced grains sourced from farmers who produce their crops applying our strict quality standards and in the absence of chemical substances.



The animals are raised in a stress-free environment without aggressive methods for gaining weight. The calves receive their mothers' milk during the first ten months of their lives, consuming nearly 3,500 liters of milk. It is a perfect system to provide the right amount of nutrition to satisfy the dietary needs of these animals and ensure the highest quality in terms of their meat.


Butcher Shop


We combine traditional methods with modern technology in terms of packaging and preservation, enabling us to offer a wide range of cuts and appearance.


Dry Aging

The meat is naturally dry aged in our facilities over the course of 60 days. This conditioning improves the texture and flavor of the beef.



Our products are packaged in airtight packaging applying the latest technologies in the field. This helps the meat to retain its freshness without having to use additives or preservatives.


ANGUS SON MAYOL – Everything under one roof:

  • Cattle breeding
  • Slaughter hall and butcher's shop
  • Direct sales to end consumer 

Direct sale

You choose
– we deliver it to your home/boat.

It´s that easy!

We offer delivery service to all ports and marinas from Mallorca.